Welcome to Oracare Cleveland, your local dental clinic with more than 25 years of experience in the Redlands. Our team of friendly professionals are dedicated to providing the utmost care and attention to every patient. Our goal is to make your visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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Opalescence GO

Teeth Whitening Features:

  • No impressions or molds are required
  • It’s ready to use right out of the box
  • The UltraFit tray conforms to any smile
  • 15% hydrogen peroxide (wear 15–20 minutes for 5–10 days)
  • Teeth whitening gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride for patient comfort
  • Mint flavor
  • Vegan—no animal products used
  • Certified gluten free
  • Certified kosher
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per kit

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Dental cartoon character 057 (couple teeth talking with floss phone that made a big heart shape)
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Watercolor Brush Heart
Dental cartoon character 057 (couple teeth talking with floss phone that made a big heart shape)
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Dental cartoon character 057 (couple teeth talking with floss phone that made a big heart shape)

Spread love and happiness on this special day!

Just drop by our clinic to grab them – offer available until February 29, 2024.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Complimentary Headache and Jaw Pain Assessment

(valued at AUD 120)

until 29 Feb 2024 (T&C Applied)

It’s time to be PAIN FREE!

If you’re experiencing persistent jaw discomfort or other symptoms suggestive of a TMJ disorder, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. During your TMJ consultation, we’ll conduct a thorough evaluation of your oral health, discuss your symptoms, and create a tailored treatment plan.

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--With Our New OHT--



Hygiene Appointment



For all patients without Health Fund

(Gap FREE for Patients with Health Fund)

Only from Mon to Fri, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Start from 1 Dec 2023 to 31 Jan 2024

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to win

an electric toothbrush

oral-B iO9

with travel case

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Drop Shadow

Hygiene Appointment

Gap FREE for all patients with Health Fund

$179 for patients without Health Fund

Applied for both Current and New Patients

Start from 1 Dec 2023 to 31 Jan 2024


At Oracare Dental & Facial Aesthetics, we offer a diverse range of treatments and services designed to cater to your unique dental and aesthetic needs.

From emergency dental care to preventative measures, aesthetic procedures to major dentistry, and specialised facial aesthetics – we have got you covered.

Aesthetically-Driven Procedures

Your smile is one of your greatest assets. We offer a variety of cosmetic procedures designed to enhance the appearance of your teeth and overall facial aesthetic.

From teeth whitening and veneers to orthodontics and dental implants, we utilise cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to help you achieve a smile you’ll love to share.

Dental office
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In modern dentistry, we harness cutting-edge technologies to craft stunning, healthy smiles that transform lives. Our clinic embraces advanced tools and techniques, ensuring precision and excellence in every treatment we provide.

Digital Scanner

Our digital scanner creates detailed 3D impressions of your teeth, enhancing treatment precision and comfort.

Digital X-ray

Our digital X-ray technology ensures safety and accuracy and aids in early issue detection and precise treatment planning.

Milling Machine

Experience same-day restorations with our milling machine, delivering efficient and seamless dental solutions.

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About Us

A Place to Build Smiles for Life

Oracare is more than just a dental practice; we are a community of dedicated professionals, committed to promoting oral health and beauty in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. Our practice provides a comfortable and welcoming environment where patients can relax and trust our team to provide the best in dental and facial aesthetic care.

Dr Thao Doan | Principal Dentist

Dr Thao, the visionary behind Oracare Dental & Facial Aesthetics, is a dedicated dental professional with a passion for creating beautiful smiles and enhancing facial aesthetics. With her extensive training, expertise and artistic eye, she has helped countless patients achieve their dream appearance while improving their overall oral health.

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Our Philosophy

Welcome to Oracare Dental & Facial Aesthetics, where our mission is to offer the highest quality dental care with a warm and gentle approach. We’re committed to delivering compassionate care tailored to your needs and comfort by putting you at the centre of your dental journey.

Each smile is unique, that’s why we listen, understand, and ensure your dental journey aligns with your needs and preferences. We firmly believe that empowering you with proactive oral care advice and equipping you with the right tools will guide you to lifelong radiant smiles.

Experience dentistry with a personal touch, where your unique needs are our top priority.

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Our Goals

Embracing a vision of inclusivity and excellence, our united team are dedicated to bringing the benefits of modern dentistry to everyone. We strive to provide top-quality care, utilizing the latest techniques to ensure our community receives the finest dental services. Our primary goal is to ensure that every individual receives the finest dental care available, fostering healthier smiles and overall well-being for all.

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What We Do

Gentle and Comfortable

We prioritize your comfort and well-being. Our dentists are known for their gentle touch and compassionate approach, ensuring your dental experience is as comfortable as possible. Your smile– it’s all in caring hands.


We understand the importance of comprehensive dental care, and to make it more accessible to you, we are excited to offer FREE CONSULTATION sessions that last just 15 minutes.

At Oracare, we believe that everyone deserves a healthy and confident smile. Our experienced team of dental professionals is committed to providing you with personalized care and expert advice during these complimentary consultations. Whether you're seeking routine check-ups, cosmetic enhancements, or restorative treatments, our 15-minute sessions are designed to give you a glimpse into the world of possibilities for your dental health.

During your free consultation, our dedicated dentists will assess your oral health, discuss any concerns you may have, and outline potential treatment options tailored to your needs. We value your time and understand that a quick yet thorough consultation is the first step towards achieving optimal oral health.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology ensure that you receive the highest quality care. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the comprehensive dental treatments available at Oracare, and let us guide you on the path to a healthier, happier smile.

Oracare Dental Clinic is committed to making dental care accessible to all, and our FREE CONSULTATION in 15 minutes is just one way we demonstrate this commitment. Schedule your consultation today and experience the difference of personalized, comprehensive dental care that puts your smile first.

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Considering a Second Opinion?

At Oracare Dental Clinic, we understand that making decisions about your dental health is a significant and personal choice. If you've already sought a dental opinion from another clinic, we applaud your commitment to informed decision-making. We want you to feel confident and empowered in choosing the best path for your oral health.

Considering a second opinion is a responsible and wise approach, and we're here to support you in that process. Our experienced team at Oracare is dedicated to providing thorough and unbiased evaluations to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of your dental needs. We invite you to bring any diagnostic records, treatment plans, or